So after my bus debacle yesterday, I sat in the Cage looking at stuff. And sitting. And looking. And sighing. I played some solitaire, sent some email, blogged a huge rant, and then sat some more. It was clear that all the ass time wasn't going to turn into work time yesterday. Generally, I plan an hour or two of ass time before the working. I can't seem to just sit down and dive right in. But yesterday, it didn’t morph into working. So, I decided I wouldn't stay in the Cage just torturing myself until 9 when the Quiet Library closed, but would head home and actually spend a little time with Spousal Unit. Imagine his surprise! Once that was decided, I actually did a little productive work. I took one pile of sources and turned them into four big piles, with 2-3 subpiles each. Yep. Can you imagine? Tough stuff here in the Cage.

So, I left early, and SU and I went to the Co-op, bought some staples to round out all of the greens we got in this week's farm box (we'll be eating salad 2 meals a day for the next week to make it through all the lettuce), and went home. I had dinner (sautéed greens for a variation and frozen nuked little Chinese dumplings), got into bed at 9:00, and fell asleep reading a Harry Potter (book 4 for the umpteenth time, although 3 is my hands down favorite. Don't get me started on the movies) somewhere round 9:30. I was so tired and so drained. I slept solidly through until the alarm this morning.

I think this is becoming a pattern. I seem to work really well and really intensely for 2-3 days, then I crash out for a day or two, and pick it back up again after that. I'm not sure I can really afford a day for every two that I work, especially since I'm on a pretty tight schedule here, but clearly, that's what the Big Brain has planned for me. Maybe it is in collusion with the Inner Toddler. Big Brain: Hey Toddler, I'm getting pretty worked up in here, you wanna help me out? Toddler: MINE! Brain: Oookaaayy. Well, I guess that will have to do. Toddler: MINE! Brain: Um, yeah. You go kid. Over and out. OR perhaps it is the other way around. Toddler: MINE! Brain: Huh? Who's that? What? Toddler: MINE! MINE! Brain: Yeah, ok. Whatever. No argument here. It's all yours. I'm outta here. Clearly, it is a relationship I'm never going to fully understand.

So, having rested yesterday, and gotten back on schedule today, I need to actually turn those multiply sorted piles into some kind of text. I hope to get through 2 sections of writing - taking 2 of the 4 piles and making them meaningful. That means I have to write one section on general reception to ideas about civil rights, and one on how family is deemed a civil right for the emancipated. I also have to read through what I already have that has to somehow be integrated into these piles. But, never fear, I brought scissors.



At 12:30 PM Suz said...

I say, give that toddler something to play with. Like an image of playdough so she can sculpt away and be with the program!

At 10:50 AM zelda said...

just wondering about those cages; is it a quiet location? are they like sound-proof booths? i ask because i've become increasingly frustrated with how loud libraries have become.


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