The best part, hands down, about a new job that hasn't yet started at an institution with plenty of resources has to be the new toys that you get for free just for signing up to work there! I found out today that my new Powerbook is in and ready for me to come get it, so that I can "play with it over the summer." (So says my new department chair.) Yipee!! New expensive toys that I didn't pay for! I better hurry up and finish this dissertation so that I can earn/deserve these new expensive toys that I didn't pay for.

The worst part, hands down, about eating a whole mess of cookie dough is the remorse you feel later that night that forces you to do too many situps before bed, thereby damaging the already tenuous lower back situation and resulting in long-term pain the next day. Sigh.

Thus, work is going slowly -- I'm having trouble finding a comfortable position to be in that isn't flat on my back. But, I'm trying to take it a bite at a time. I bit off a little of the property stuff this morning, and am going to now attempt some composition on the issue of property rights and manhood. And yes, it sounds pretty bloody dull to me too.

p.s. I stumbled onto this post while procrastinating and laughed so hard I cried, got stuck in a laugh loop, and had to stop reading before I hurt my back even more because I couldn't stop laughing and crying. Worth a look if you need a chuckle.


At 7:02 PM New Kid on the Hallway said...

so. jealous. of. the. powerbook!! :-)

At 4:51 PM Anonymous said...
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At 5:12 PM Stewgad said...

Hey D (Xanga pnthr1389)
Thanks so much for posting - and for popping in. You are without a doubt my favorite step-brother!

I'm trying not to use my real name here, so I took your comment down. I'll post it back up without any names. The nice thing about a blog is that you don't have to tell people who you are. I'm really glad and happy that my family is visiting the blog, but I don't want to use my real name. Especially since I sometimes complain about my teachers, I don't want them to maybe see it!!

Love to you and A & K--

At 5:14 PM Anonymous said...

hey stewgad. my mom told me what your site is. this is d. you're favorite step brother. so i'll probably be looking here sometimes. you better watch out what you write now. i actually have a xanga site. so does k. so yeah you could go there. i don't think you can comment unless you have a xanga though. you might be able to though. oh yeah a has one too. but i'm not sure what her site is. alycat something. but she never updates.

At 4:31 PM Wanna Be PhD said...

Eating cookies. Doing situps. Getting back pain.
Oh yes, I know what you're talking about. (It was not cookies but a huge ice cream today).

My therapist told me to do sit ups. Do you think they make the back hurt? I somehow felt this way the last couple of days.

At 5:30 PM Stewgad said...

Wanna -
Welcome! Thanks for dropping by!

I think that after your back is in a strong place, you can do situps, but somehow I wasn't ready for them. As I did them, there was this wierd popping sound in my lower back and then I started Really Hurting. Sigh. So, I'll just have to eat cookie dough and ice cream without any balancing situps until I'm healed a bit. Gee, shucks.


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