I'm embarrassed to say that there is not much to report today. I hate days like today, when you have big plans but feel awful and so they just don't happen. I basically slept all morning. When I woke up, I thought, oh, that was a nice quick 1/2 hour nap and was a bit freaked to find that I had slept from 9 am to 1:45 pm. I'm clearly still fighting this cold and have been hacking up fun stuff all day. I did a little tiny bit of work on the chapter in the afternoon, and wrote a few sentences, arranged a few notecards, but I spent most of the time playing with my new toy. I like it, but am not yet in love, and I still get warm fuzzies when I look at the iBook. Speaking of warm...It was so so hot here today that leaving the one air conditioned room (three cheers for Spousal Unit!) was just miserable. It was like walking into a sauna. And not much of an end is in sight, apparently. It is now 7:30 pm and it is 90 degrees, hotter than it was at noon.

Last night Spousal Unit and I watched Seven Samurai for the first time. It truly was amazing. Tonight, we're up for Unforgivable Blackness. Ain't Netflix Great? And, by the way, the Coolest thing about the new computer: the Netflix tracking widget -- http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/movie_tv/dashflixmini.html -- it automatically checks your queue every time you open dashboard. I also added the sunlit earth so that I can watch the darkness and light travel across the globe and a "this day in history" widget. I'm thinking about the magic 8 ball and the randomly generated Shakespeare-esque insults, but I don't know if I really want to be that doofy.

Tomorrow is a full day - I'm seeing every therapist on the planet -- Counseling, PT #1, PT #2, then I'm seeing the beauty therapist to get my hair cut, and in the evening, indulgences of all indulgences, I'm getting a pedicure for the first time with a bunch of friends. I'm not sure I want to subject some poor person to my less than lovely feet, but I don't want to let my friends down. By the end of the day, I should hardly recognize myself -- I'll be sane, mobile, beautiful and have funny dressed up toes.

Now, I better go help Spousal Unit who is bravely braving the heat in the kitchen to cook us dinner.

Good night, all -

** Note: Either I cannot count, or I am in denial about how many days have passed since I started the blog, and the dissertation revisions. Sorry about the bad counting. Hopefully, it is now fixed.


At 9:57 PM Suz said...

No rocks thrown from here.... still moving books and the dog is still staring at me. Cat is getting freaked.

Tomorrow sounds like a healing day for you. Take it all in. I suggest you do your toenails red wtih black dots so they look like ladybugs. :-)

At 8:21 AM lucyrain said...

Yes, as suz says, a "healing day." Revel in it. You deserve it. You were feeling terrible yesterday and STILL you tended to the diss. No feat is too small when it comes to writing the diss. I truly believe that any major difficulty with doing it is psychological rather than ability-related. Don't give the diss that much power.

At 6:22 PM Helen said...

you obviously needed the sleep ... you must've been out for the count! Hope today has been a more productive day for you.

At 10:36 PM academic coach said...

Just found you and am looking forward to keeping track of your progress.

At 4:10 PM Stewgad said...

Thanks all, and welcome lucyrain and Academic Coach!


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