Horrific Tidbit

Those of you who have read for a while may have heard me complain about the cats next door, where two sweet little old ladies feed and shelter about 10-11 feral cats. Under the don't shit where you eat principle, my yard (and all of our neighbor's yards) have become the ideal, ahem, dumping grounds for these cats. And, lately, it has become worse -- there's nothing like the smell of baking cat poop on a 92 degree day, let me tell you. Now, I like animals as much as the next gal, but these cats make me crazy. I have been known to run down two flights of stairs screaming at the top of my lungs at breakneck speeds while in the middle of a dinner party just to chase these beasts out of my yard.

But, clearly, my problem is a small one compared to this one:

Cat Problems

FYI: Our feral cats have all been trapped, neutered, and under the policy of the shelter in our county, "returned to their natural environment." (AKA my back yard), so there is not going to be a cat explosion of this magnitude.


At 8:06 PM fatherfigure said...

Dear Stewgad,
I understand your cat problem, since we have 3. However, they are not feral, still, they eat alot and fill their litter box frequently. There is one less in the neighborhood since the pit bull next door killed one this week. Why would anyone want a pit bull??? Kelsie, our dog, is intimidated as well as the adults. To see it kill a cat that looked just like our favorite, Rosie, was scary. I charged right back in the door to make sure she was still in the house. By the way, I landed a full-time job at the local college I have mentioned before. Will start Sept. 24. That makes three college professors in our family now. Good luck with your feral cat problem! (as well as dissertation)

At 10:12 PM New Kid on the Hallway said...

omg, I'm so depressed after reading that link...

At 2:04 PM Stewgad said...

FF- Huge congrats on your new gig! I'm so happy for you - and very glad that they realized how important you are to their program. Full time jobs in academia are few and far between - kudos! And, I'm glad Rosie is ok! Pitt Bulls are so awful. I wouldn't wish that on any cat, even the sneaky little poopers that live next to me.


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