Marching Along

Today was a pretty good day. I finished (mostly) cleaning out my office at home. I made some big progress on my syllabus. I moved out all of my stuff from my office on campus. I finished painting the shelves for my new office. I did a load of laundry. I grocery shopped. I found a table and chairs (at the unfinished furniture place, but these are actually finished in the nice, deep matte black) for a very affordable price that I will use in my new office. (I want a round table separate from my desk for students to sit at when we meet.) My grandmother successfully came through hip-replacement surgery. Spousal Unit and I had a great dinner with fresh corn, pasta with chicken-garlic sausage, fresh tomatoes, and sauteed squash, and then we walked 5 minutes to the local arts theater to see March of the Penguins, which was delightful. And, it turned out it was cheap night, so we saved $4 as well. Man, it is truly amazing that any of those birds survive. But, I suppose it is truly amazing that any of us survive as well. Then we came home and had berries with cream and sugar for dessert. All in all, I'd say that although I didn't have to march 70 miles from the sea on stubby little legs and then starve in a blizzard for four months without any food, I did pretty well today.


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