Yesterday, I bascially spent the bulk of the day on the couch, again. I'm getting a bit sick of feeling sick.

But, in the morning, I tinkered a bit with my syllabus, did some administrative emailing, and a little bit of reading for my course. Then, I met with my new doctor for the first time. It was just a meet-and-greet kind of a thing, but he did ask a lot of questions about my medical history and I totally felt like a hypochondriac for mentioning every little tiny thing that ever could have occurred to me to be wrong. But, I couldn't seem to stop myself. Maybe it is my fear that if he doesn't have complete information, he might miss something, and then I could die. Like, tomorrow. So, I'm sure he really needs to know that I had a sinus infection in 1986. I think he thought I was a nutter. But, he was nice and had a calm demeanor, so maybe he is used to crazy folk like me coming into his office and spilling their guts about potentially fatal broken toes.

After that, I was exhausted. This cold is really taking it out of me. So, I spent the afternoon on the couch. Again. I seem to have enough energy for 1/2 of the day. But, it was kind of fun in a sick and scary way -- I watched the first few episodes of Moonlighting (which I LOVED way back in the day). Scary, though, because I wasn't doing any of the things I know I needed to do -- like say, PREPARE FOR A COURSE I'M TEACHING IN THREE WEEKS, or FINISH MY DISSERTATION. I just couldn't muster up the energy for it.

Today, though, I'm kind of excited to go to the New Office and continue the unpacking and nesting, as well as my scanning project. (Putting the readings onto the course website for the students). It's going to be hot as hell and with like 145% humidity, but I told myself I'd go today, and I don't want to disrupt that plan. So, off I go to begin the day.

OH, but I should most definitely mention how much Spousal Unit is my Hero. He came home on Sunday morning at 5 a.m., slept until noon, got up, and then cleaned the kitchen so I didn't have to. On six-ish hours of sleep after a 48 hour stretch of awakeness. He hadn't even read my grousing on the blog when he did it. It was an amazing gift. He's so winning the marriage right now. (Marriage is, of course, a contest where points are awarded for good behavior and deducted for bad behavior. At any given moment, one partner is clearly ahead and one is clearly behind. And at the end of things at the great goalposts in the sky, there will be a grand totalling where the Marriage Umpire says: "Well, let's look at the books... Hm... Stewgad, you have 1,394,859 points. Spousal Unit, you have 1,394,860 points -- I declare... Spousal Unit WINS this Marriage!!!" And then he'll get a prize like a gold watch or a karmic next-life upgrade. That's our theory. Anyway, today, he's so ahead right now! I've got to quick do some laundry to try to catch up.)

(spell check is down, so I apologize for any stupid errors!)


At 5:56 PM lucyrain said...

Marriage goalposts in the sky! I love it!

Of course, it also must apply to longterm domestic partners.

At 8:44 PM Stewgad said...

LR- but of course! I didn't mean to be heteronormative and exclusionary and sound like I'm all gung-ho pro Republican version of relationships where the only LEGITIMATE committed partnerships are those belonging to a white rich Woman and a rich white MAN who are Married by God in the Church where the Little Woman promises to Obey and Follow every command given by the Husband Lord and Master. Ew. I should clarify -- I'm pro-relationship in whatever form they take. Horay for all people who love each other.

I clearly should have called it the Relationship Umpire. We just didn't come up with the concept until after we went through our marriage. And, in part we developed the idea to mock the institution of Mawwige, (a la Princess Bride) as we were bowing to convention by getting married ourselves.

At 10:21 AM lucyrain said...

Laughing again!

And, I never thought for a second that you were being any of those hilarious characterizations. I was merely and implicitly implicating my own relationship. Heterosexual, unmawwied for nearly 13 years.

And, yes, to love!


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