Potential Convert

I'm not allowed to blog at while I'm at school, but I was just over the moon about this and had to write it down.

After class today, a student followed me out to talk and asked me if I was teaching any other courses because she was really enjoying this one and wanted to take more with me in the future. She told me that my class was making her consider a history major and that I really was making history come alive for her.

Words that all teachers long to hear.


At 3:38 PM Anonymous said...
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At 7:03 PM jo(e) said...

What great affirmation!

At 10:05 PM What Now? said...

How lovely! That helps one to go on with the work, doesn't it?

At 11:17 PM Dr. Mon said...

Love it when that happens!! Keep up the good work Stewgad.

At 11:00 PM verdade said...



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