I haven't blogged about New Orleans because I'm in such a rage I can't even see straight. On the commute home yesterday I was talking with a colleague who was carpooling with me (we're doing our small best to reduce our resource use) I got so angry I stopped paying attention to the road. Dangerous. I'm dangerously angry. I'm mad as hell that all the government seems to be able to talk about is how a few folk have gone mad and are stealing from Wal-Mart and that the same government is too damned arrogant to accept help from the nice folk in Canada and elsewhere. I'm mad as hell that our national guard is in Iraq and not in New Orleans. I'm mad as hell that my tax money has gone to finance global policing efforts and not to domestic projects that could have reduced the scope of this disaster. And even though I'm not that religious these days, I'm reminded powerfully of that biblical passage about removing the big-ass log in your own eye before worrying about the speck in your neighbors' eye. Once I exhaust my anger, I start feeling like much of the rest of the nation, helpless, powerless, and utterly bewildered that our supposedly "advanced" society is failing so utterly.

The only reasonable and logical thing that I can pull out of my tumbled thoughts is this question: Do you think that it would be taking so long to get help to people and would have been such awful chaos if it had been Orange County, California that had been struck? Or the Hamptons? Do you think there would have been such half-assed efforts to get people out if those people had been rich and white and without transportation?

It seems like a story we've seen over and over again, yet another example of how the impoverished, the underprivileged, the elderly, and black folk get completely screwed over by our society. Only this time, they're not just getting passed over for education, jobs, techonology, benefits, and social equality. This time, they're dying.

American Red Cross


At 11:48 AM suz said...

TV tells me this morning that the Navy hospital ship left Maryland TODAY and after it stops for supplies, it will be in NO on Thursday! Hopefully by then NO will be empty...... Insane! No,criminal. I totally share your anger Stewgad. I sent an absolute rant to my (good) Senator. I kept repeating the word ashamed. I am ashamed of our response. I am having a hard time not just packing up my Civic and heading south.

I hate to donate money to the folks who have responded so halfheartedly. Does anyone know who to sent $$ to-- who puts their wheels on the ground for poor, for black, for any one of us?

At 12:36 PM Sfrajett said...

Can you believe so many "representatives" and "leaders" simply failed to IMAGINE people without access to cars or money for hotel rooms? When they bitch about people not evacuating, do they get that nobody made sure everybody without money or a car could get out? Why is there a nursing home sitting right now full of dead bodies, because nobody bothered to check on them?

I'm glad for your post. I hope a lot of heads roll over this one.


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