I just checked out a book from New Small College's library.
Here's what the conversation looked like:

Librarian - -"Here's your book. Thank you."
Stewgad -- "Ok, thanks. When is it due?"
Librarian -- "Due?"
Stewgad -- "Yeah, like, when is it due back?"
Librarian -- "Um, really, actually never. Unless it is recalled by another user."
Stewgad -- "Never?"
Librarian -- "Never."
Stewgad -- "Woah."

Did you guys all know that faculty don't have to return books ever? This was all news to me. And quite welcome news, at that. I swear, I have owed about $10,000 to Self-Important University over the years for forgetting to renew all of my books. Then, I would have to go and grovel to the Library Shrew who would scold and yell and tell me I was a bad, bad girl, and that she would NEVER forgive my thousand dollar fines again. Until the next time six months later when I would again forget to renew the 300 some books I have charged out. So, now, wow. No fines. No shrew. Just privileges.

This might just make up for the whole weight of the faculty world crap I was just moaning about. Perhaps.


At 7:37 PM jo(e) said...

Where I work, faculty have to return books. And we get fines if we don't. Our librarians are happiest when the books are neatly stored on the shelves. With no one reading them.

At 11:02 PM timna said...

I find that the ILL deadlines help me get books read and returned... as opposed to grad school where I'd just renew all 50, then 100, then more, every semester, and told my students if they ever needed a book to plan to recall it.

At 11:05 PM RageyOne said...

As grad students we are allowed to have books out for about, oh I guess about 10 weeks.

Profs seem to be able to have them out for months at a time. One can always tell when a Prof has a book out on the electronic catalog by looking at when it is due back.

At 12:50 AM Jonathan Benda said...

Hey, Jo(e)--I didn't know we worked at the same school! ;)

Oh, you didn't mention the 40-book limit faculty have. (Guess they're afraid that if they didn't have such a limit, the library would be empty and someone would have to start cataloging the new books more quickly.)

At 1:45 PM Sfrajett said...

Luck out! When I accidentally missed a renewal deadline my library started replacement proceedings. I returned the books within a couple weeks, and they still fined me 155 bucks (but then again, we know how my university treats its faculty). Your school actually sounds as if it encourages faculty to read! Unbelievable.

At 8:22 AM Scrivener said...

At the last couple of places I've been, faculty got to check out the book for a year, and there were no fines except for ILL. It is much nicer than grad school. I got fined to replace books in grad school even when I'd returned them.


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