First Saturday Update

I've reached my library limit. Since I've been playing solitaire for half an hour now, I think its time to go home and rest for a bit. (And grade a few papers, maybe. Yes, I have papers. Just little introductory thingeys, but I have to look them over anyway.)

So, here's what I got done:

1. I found one critical book that I really needed.

2. I made a list of the questions that I have about the topic I'm going to write the paper on, which can kind-of operate as a preliminary plan of attack.

3. I did some quick newspaper research. When, oh when, will 19th century newspapers be text-searchable on-line? I'm Waaaiiitinngg...

4. I read some correspondence that gives me some insight to one of the questions that I have. And, I think offers a quote that I can build the end of this paper (and the dissertation) around: Susan B. Anthony in a letter in 1868 to Anna Elizabeth Dickinson about Democrats and Republicans said, "It does seem to me the people must rise up in their might -- and turn these money changers out of the marketplaces -- unless we do -- well we shall trudge on & on -- in spite of the ten thousand mountain barriers--"

5. I successfully did some dissertation recognizance. Which means of course, the reconnaissance that is required to make oneself cognizant of the things you once knew well but have since set aside.

All in all, a successful few hours. So, take that, Scriv. A whole OTHER blog entry BEFORE February .... :) I'm on fire, man.


At 5:50 PM art asia said...

wow, good luck

At 8:55 PM Dr. Mon said...

It's good to hear you have a started a new plan--I'll be looking forward to your Saturday reports. I'm particularly impressed that you were able to work with a hangover--that's dedication!

At 11:45 AM Scrivener said...

Hell, that's more dissertation work than I've accomplished in well over a month. Congrats!

At 6:19 PM anon said...

digitized newspapers *are* available online from the 19th century, and they are searchable. I use this site:
It's a canadian site but has some american papers. I also know there's an american site that performs such a service.


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