I'm Not Dead Yet

Thanks to all of you out there in the blogosphere who have very kindly inquired if I had kicked the bucket, or what. It is always nice to know that one is missed! In the words of the immortal Monty Python de-limbed knight... "I'm not dead yet. I'll bite your ankles..." (or something along those lines. I always close my eyes for that part because the spurting faux blood is icky and gives me the willies and lord knows you can't hear properly when your eyes are closed.)

I've been away from the blog mainly because I have been overwhelmed and exhausted, but also because I didn't want it to devolve into a forum for unabashed griping on my part. The past few entries had really taken on a "wah, poor me" tone. And, while the suggestions and support have been amazing -- when I emerged from the madness, I started to feel really awful bitching and moaning about how tired I was having to do this thing that I love at an amazing institution that I love for students I love while getting paid more money than I ever have before. Something there seemed disingenuous and just plain wrong, no matter how tired I was or how much work I had to do.

And actually, I think I'm getting a hang of this 3-course thing. Or maybe it is that I've been on Spring Break this week and have blissfully set aside any thought whatsoever of my classes as I watch Veronica Mars on DVD (which by the way is the best show since my beloved Buffy left the air) and try to write a conference paper that is now 2 weeks late. (sigh.) Although here in Zone 5, "Spring" is a bit of a misnomer. I'm definitely getting tired of winter and getting that antsy when-will-it-ever-end-for-God's-sake feeling. March always sucks because you think it is spring, it SHOULD be spring, but it just never is.

Oops -- there I go, bitching again. Crap. Maybe it is the anonymity of the blog that makes it so easy to gripe -- or maybe it is the strange public/private-ness of it. It FEELS like I'm in private, here alone with the computer, so I can say those nasty things that I think to myself in my head but wouldn't usually say out loud. (well, mostly usually.)

ANYWAY -- I think for the next 6-7 weeks, I'm going to put the blog on official hiatus. (Not that it hasn't really been that way unofficially). Until the semester is out, I'm going to be scarce around these here parts. I'll be back with a vengeance (and a dissertation) this summer as I really, really have to finish the PhDammit and will need the structure that daily entries provide.

Meanwhile, so long for a bit, and thanks for all the fish.

(is this my day for geeky '70s Brit culture references, or what? If only I had ever watched Dr. Who and could work a reference in there somewhere, the blog entry would be complete.)



At 1:02 PM lucyrain said...

I'm glad it's merely a flesh wound.

Have a tolerable--nay, enjoyable!--rest of the semester. I look forward to your return.

At 1:18 PM jo(e) said...

You just need to sign off by saying you are heading into the telephone booth -- and then you've worked in Dr. Who.

Hope you get lots done!

At 1:44 PM Jonathan Benda said...

Welcome back! (Your dreams were your ticket out...)

Or maybe I should say, "You're gonna make it after all..."?

(Sorry, I only know U.S. 70s culture...)

At 2:18 PM New Kid on the Hallway said...

Have a great rest of the semester!

At 6:48 PM zelda said...

wow! you're back! and gone again ... yes, I officially declare Summer 2006 the Summer Of The Diss ... for me too!


At 10:12 PM What Now? said...

Hang in there. Summer is on the horizon! (Okay, it's pretty far away on the horizon, but we can actually see it out there.)

At 3:12 AM Sfrajett said...

Glad you're back. Summer will be here in a matter of days, really.

At 9:06 PM Suz said...

Hi Kiddo! I have dafidills blooming and it was heavenly yesterday but a snow storm is heading in tomorrow -- just when I thought I could work in the yard. I am ready for spring too but I promise you, it will come.

I think your plan is a good idea. We will miss you but we will be here when you get back. I suspect we will check in once in a while, just in case you burp out a short line or two!

Keep up the good work. I am sure your students will enjoy your undivided attention. Suz

At 9:38 PM Scrivener said...

Hi, welcome back, bye, will be looking forward to seeing ya again!

At 7:07 AM Denise Carter said...

well for me 2005 was the summer of the diss!! and now...well 2006 is the summer of jobhunting...see my own post on life after the phd!, I am still working just as hard - can't stop switching my computer on and writing - so much for my new year's resolution to change from a workhorse to a showpony.

April in the Uk sucks as much as March...feel it should be at least spring but no chance. Even my yearly nesting friends in the eaves are shivering on their eggs - last year at this time three chicks were happily chirping.

Just as an afterthought...in the immortal words of a friend's supervisor 'Don't worry'. It became our silly mantra for the time last year when we were both 'writing up'

At 4:58 PM Anonymous said...

I can't wait for your return, even though I am new to reading this blog. I want to join in on declaring this the Summer of the Diss. I need to get out at least one chapter this summer and I'll be talking about it on my blog/podcast, dissertation nation, which is at www.dissertationnation.com and available in Itunes. I love that there are so many blogs out here about this lonely, lonely life--I never knew!! "Adrienne."


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