Desparation Page Count

Grades are due by midnight tonight.

• Classes to grade: 3

• Total number of papers to read: 70

• Total number of pages to read: 985 (27x10, 24x10, 19x25)

And where am I, in this mess one may ask? Exhausted.

• Classes Graded: 2

• Papers remaining: 13

• Pages remaining: 325

Sleeping when this is all done? Priceless.


At 3:41 PM Scrivener said...

Didja get them in? Hope so. Yay for you for making it through!

At 2:58 PM zelda said...


At 3:57 PM GK said...

OK, as someone who has found myself in similar situations many times, I can't help but ask: why is it that we handle the realization of how deep we're in by doing things such as compiling the statistical information that details how deep we're actually in?

Consider, in the time it took to compile those stats, a paper might have been marked. Strange how we make MORE work for ourselves to handle such processes!


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