Friday Afternoon Memeing

Taking a break from cleaning (Why, oh, why did I save every piece of paper that I've ever written anything on in my whole damned life?) and saw this cute meme at Mon's.

5 Items in my Fridge: (I'll skip the very, very scary stuff like the plastic container of refried beans from early May and the vegetables that have morphed into green gunge...)

1. Sun-Dried tomatoes in oil
2. Thai leftovers from last night (Panang Chicken, Spicy Basil Chicken)
3. Silk Light Vanilla Soymilk
4. Pinenuts
5. Hunk o' Parmesan cheese

5 Items in my Closet:

1. 4 cinderblocks (to hold the shelves)
2. My new spiffy Salsa Dancing Dress
3. Little bucket O' fingernail polish. I only paint my toes and only then very rarely, but for some reason I have 8-10 polishes.
4. The black cloche hat I bought in Paris
5. An Anne Taintor postcard of a woman lying in bed with text that reads "I dreamed my whole house was clean." (seen here)

5 Items in my Car:

1. Road atlas. (I'm a bang-up navigator when someone else is driving. Not so great on the road thing when I'm the vehicle operator.)
2. Rollerblades + Equipment. Just in case I find myself somewhere and want to skate. This has happened about once.
3. Emergency Mylar Blanket. Just in case I find myself stuck somewhere in a snowstorm so that I don't have to eat Spousal Unit to stay alive.
4. Cheddar sesame sticks from the co-op. (Ostensibly for the same reason as above, but really because I like to munch a few as I commute.)
5. Eleni Mandel "Wishbone" CD

5 Items in my Purse: Don't really carry one unless I'm traveling. How about in my backpack?

1. Disintegrated chocolate candy long past indentifiability.
2. 5-10 pens. Some of them even work.
3. Gradebook. Haven't taken it out yet.
4. Feminine products. Yes, I need those things from time to time. Shocking.
5. Books, of course.

PLUS, in honor of the desk-cleaning that is going on here in Stewgadland, I'll add:

5 Items in my Desk:

1. Box of 50 business cards with address and phone number from 6 years ago.
2. 20,000 staples purchased in a moment of optimism at Staples a decade ago. Apparently, I staple far fewer things than I think I do.
3. Calculator. Hate those maths.
4. AV adapter for iBook.
5. Bottle of Beano. (??!!) What on earth is that doing in here? How often do I eat beans at my desk at home? Clearly at one point it seemed like a good idea. A beano a day keeps the dissertation away?


At 6:36 PM Dr. Mon said...

oh good addition!

At 12:05 AM StyleyGeek said...

Oh my god! Up until this post, I thought you were male. But unless you are a guy who is deeply into fingernail polish and dresses, and has an inexplicable need for feminine hygiene products, I guess I was wrong.

I don't read every post, so presumably I've missed some hints, but man! (Not a man.)

I put it down to your name. I have been thinking of you as "Stew", which I kind of thought of as short for "Stuart" or something.


At 12:09 AM StyleyGeek said...

Oh yeah. If I'd looked at your profile I might have noticed the pronoun. '

Or not. I'm unobservant that way.

At 1:46 AM Sfrajett said...

I like picturing you in your salsa dress and cloche hat sitting at your desk taking Beano while writing your dissertation. Looking for a pen that works and finding a tampon.

At 2:19 PM Stewgad said...

Styley - That's really funny! At some point in the ancient past, I explained what STEWGAD is -- (It's an acronynm for: Struggling Toward Ending With Grace and Dignity.) But, I like the notion that secretly my name is Stuart and I'm a beefy dude with no neck who likes to paint his toenails. Maybe that's what my inner Man looks like. :)

Sfrajett- I laughed out loud at your brilliant combo. Maybe if I wore my hat and my fancy dress while I worked I'd get a lot more writing done! Thanks for the great chuckle!


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