Hey all. I've been working away for the past few days, but had evening commitments so didn't blog the progress. Mainly, I've gotten back into the writing rhythm. I forget that it takes me a while to do it, but once I'm there, I'm much happier. I spent the week grappling with the narrative opening with my introduction, and I think I've finally wrestled it to the ground. So, that feels good. Today, I'm in the office on campus (Man, does it feel weirdly empty and cavernous after the Cage!) working on student stuff, classes for next semester, and meeting with my .... RESEARCH ASSISTANT!! Yes, I got some bucks to have someone else shlog through microfilm for me. Huzzah!

But, I finally uploaded house painting pictures, so thought I'd pass a few along. We've been pretty much sweltering, waiting for the OK from the painterinos to untape the windows that had been sealed up for the lead extraction process. So far, no word. So, we're sweating it out. (And smelling it up. Man, a house that doesn't get any air circulation at all for a month is pretty manky. Although it could be the garbage, I'm not sure.)

So -- Photos! These are a little old -- from last week. By the end of the day, I think they'll be done priming. So the whole thing is one ugly grey solid blob. I'll post those photos soon.

The Front:

The Side:

The Front With Side Tenting:

Detail View: This siding is probably 100 years old, at least. Very exciting. (To old house geeks like me, anyway.)

Well, back to sorting through the stack of papers waist high that I had left behind me in my office on campus. Why, oh, why do I keep every piece of paper that I've ever written on?

Happy Friday, folks!


At 1:14 PM Dr. Mon said...

Happy Friday to you too! Glad to hear that you are gettin back into a writing rhythm AND that you have an RA--very cool.

At 1:41 PM RageyOne said...

What Mon said! Glad you got your rhythm back.

At 9:55 PM Scrivener said...

A writing rhythm you say? Hmmm, maybe I should try on of them. You think a metronome would help?

At 2:31 AM Sfrajett said...

Oh, very pretty house! I wish I could just be a yard girl in a corner somewhere. Really, I'm a very good gardener.

At 1:45 PM Stewgad said...

Sfrajett- Oh, I SO need a yard girl! Come on over!! I bought a weed-whacker yesterday (electric, not gas) because our grass is so tall that our push-human powered motor won't work! (I guess anything past knee-high is too much for the poor thing. Imagine that.) But, so far it is doing a great job leaning against the wall in our dining room. I guess to actually do yard work, it isn't enough to have the equipment...

Scriv- Hey, metronome, drumset, whatever works! For me, here's the rhythm: 8:00 am arrive at Cage. 8:00-9:00 blog (and/or read other folks blogs). 9:00-12:00 sit on but staring at computer screen. Write 2 sentences. 12:00 go eat. 1:00 nap 1:20 Panic that have only written 2 sentences. Knuckle down, write all afternoon and into early evening. Leave Cage. Repeat tomorrow. I've tried skipping that sit on but step in the mornings, but it so far hasn't worked. Apparently, it's necessary.

Thanks Mon and Ragey for the encouragement!

At 11:21 AM The Little Student said...

Yay for you in getting a research assistant. I am a somewhat new reader of your blog, but am getting ready to start the diss process in about a year so wish me luck...

At 11:28 PM suz said...

Is there a metaphor with your house-- scrapping it all off, getting down to the bone, sealing it all up until it stinks,..... then, at last, getting a smooth new finish (pun intended) and a breath of fresh air? ok, maybe not?

Congrats on the progess and good work -- keeping the job in tow while getting the lead out of the diss!


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