Meme, then off to work

Saw this at Sfrajett's

It is uncanny. From snackfoods and preferred textures to the exact prefered sleeping positions. Scary.

I am a toboggan!
Find your own pose!

Spousal Unit hates this, by the way.


At 1:18 AM Sfrajett said...

Does Spousal Unit hate the position, or the scarily accurate test? GF has spooning as her fave, which kind of works with mine, but not exactly. Oh well. Still, a wonderfully creepy test, don't you think?

At 3:42 PM Stewgad said...

SU hates it because he's the poor person under which I toboggan. And, since he's like a nuclear reactor of heat, we only last about 5 minutes before he flings me off.

And, yes, I'm a more than a little unnerved that it was so accurate!



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