Happy Holidays

Well, finally, the semester has come to an end. I'm wiped out. How about you all?

Top 3 Greatest Quotes from the Post-Semester Grade-a-Palooza:

"The American Revolution was an important cause of conflict between the Americans and the British." (Um, huh.)

"This issue was at the centerfold of the battle." (They were clearly surfing porn while they wrote their final paper.)

"During this semester there have been many themes in American history." (Yes. I'm so glad you paid attention.)

Reading things like this makes one realize how limited my impact is on the students. Alas. But, I did get a very flattering evaluation on ratemyprof in which I was deemed a "smoking" version of Velma from Scooby Doo who Fred would have dumped Daphne for. I don't quite know how to take it, but I suppose it is all for the good. I do wear a lot of turtlenecks with skirts, so maybe that is it. I'd rather they said that I inspired them for profound thoughts and improved their written work. But, as the above quotes reveal, perhaps that simply isn't the case. I'll just have to satisfy myself with unmasking the dastardly villians of American History.

So, now I'm off to see Spousal Unit's family and my Dad in the Big City for a few days. After that, it's back to the dissertation grind. I'm just now finishing the chapter revisions that I was working on eons ago. But, I am pounding out the new conclusion as we speak and will send it off in the next hour. I'll return to daily updates on chapter progress when I return (starting Friday).

Cheers to you all -- I hope you have a holiday season filled with love and laughter and joy with your families and friends.



At 11:56 AM Scrivener said...

Ah, yes, the joy that is end-o-semester grading and the silliness of student writing.

Happy holidays to you!

At 10:19 AM Suz said...

You are over the hump-- and you are smokin' in more ways than one! Happy New Year. May this be your best ever.

At 1:30 AM Overread said...

Cast no dispersions on Velma! She is indeed a hottie (as the kids say). Take it as high praise!


At 1:28 PM Ed said...

My personal grading favorite: "At the Battle of Vicksburg, the Union overcame the Confederate fornications."

That Grant...quite the virile leader.

At 7:28 PM zelda said...

hey, hope you survived the holidays!!

At 10:04 AM Scrivener said...

So ... you gonna wait for the end of the semester grading in the spring before you post again? ;)

At 10:04 AM Scrivener said...
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