I just spent a whole hour trying to track down some information for the chapter that I'm working on only to get so frustrated that on a whim I searched for a keyword of what I was looking for within the ACTUAL chapter I'm writing. And, guess what? I already have two whole pages carefully detailing the exact information that I was looking for.

The moral of this story? Don't take too long writing your dissertation, because you'll completely forget what you have, what you need, and even what you have already written.

{FYI, I did actually read this chapter carefully only a couple of weeks ago, but apparently without actually NEEDING this information it didn't stick. Sigh.)

More General Dissertation Update:

I am almost done with the section that has been plaguing me for quite a while. This is good. I've spent three great working days this week (6+ hours) on the dissertation. So, I'm making progress. Always good.

Right now, I'm having a bit of a chicken-and-egg conundrum, but I think with this "new" information, I might be able to resolve it this afternoon.

For those who care, the Pregnancy Update:

Yesterday I felt kinda shitty, and so let myself just lay around. Bad, bad, bad. But, the Gadlet spent the whole day working out its aggressions on my innards (I imagine the Gadlet thinking: "I'm cramped! KICK I'm Hiccuping! KICK I'm covered in a slick fatty substance as well as body hair! KICK), so it got enough exercise for the both of us.

Speaking of exercise, today I'm going to my first prenatal yoga class. It turns out that this is about as close as I can get in this insane town to a childbirth preparation class. They just aren't offered, apparently. The one person I knew did teach them replied to my email that she isn't offering another class until the fall. She gave me someone else's number, but when I called it it was no longer the person I thought it was. Grr. What, no babies are born in the summer?? Or summer mamas just don't need to be prepared?? Not that I was all that jonesed about watching gory videos of other people's births and lying around on the floor of some room huffing and puffing for practice or anything, but I'm a good little academic, and I thought that in addition to the dozens of books I'm reading on this subject that a Class taught by an Expert would be important. Well, instead, I guess I'll learn downward facing baby and yogic breathing. It'll do, I suppose. And, as a women's historian, I remind myself that women have given birth long before Dr. Bradley or Mr. Lamaze came up with their "methods." And, hell, if they can do it, so can I.

In the last 2 days the baby has gone from a minorly inconvenient bump in my front to a heavy, uncomfortable bulk that needs active work on the part of my beleaguered and overworked stomach muscles to move about. Lying down is what feels best. But, that doesn't result in getting much of ANYTHING done. And, I've finally lost my toes. Yep. I look down, all I can see is belly. No toes in sight. Spousal Unit assures me that they are down there still, and I'm taking his word for it. I sure am glad that I'm doing this in the summer so that I don't much have to bend over to put on shoes and socks. Between my Crocs and my Birks, I'm all good.

Well, back to figuring out what I have already written about what I was searching for!!


At 3:51 PM Kathleen said...

I swear the yogic breathing and forcing myself to relax my facial muscles got me through two labors. Childbirth class? Not so much. And YAY for kick-on shoes!

At 5:20 AM Jonathan Benda said...

Re: Reason # 257
I'm glad I'm not the only one this is happening to. (But then, I've only been writing this thing for 5 years. So what's my excuse?)

At 12:49 PM GeekMarie said...

Re: Damned Diss problems

Those still writing, don't feel like you're alone. One of the best things we had when I was doing mine finished in '99) was group meetings, where self & others working in isolation could meet, groan, moan and support ourselves. While no one knew what we were doing specifically, some of the problems of historically-induced isolation were mitigated by the group bitch. When those final words fell out of my fingers/mind, I was startled and a bit overwhelmed. Now that I'd finished the damned thing, what was I going to do????

Good luck and keep going. It does end. Eventually.

At 11:21 AM wwwmama said...

I've totally had that experience of writing something for the diss and then realizing I already wrote it years ago. Grrr...


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