Thursday Meme

Thanks, Dr. Mon for tagging me for this meme!

4 jobs I've had in my life
-concession stand operator at local pool. Boy, did that job suck. It mostly involved scraping fake yellow nacho cheese spread out of a huge can into a crock pot and waiting for it to heat up, while fending off ravenous 8-year olds demanding instant nachos. Why they didn't spring for a microwave at the pool instead of using a SLOW COOKER (!!!) I'll never know.
-office assistant
-Gap salesperson (Christmas season 1994 -- the 30 minute holiday tape that I had to listen to 80 million times in a shift about drove me mad. If I never hear "Santa Baby" again as long as I live it will be too soon.)
-College Professor

4 place I've lived
-Midwestern Hell, in a state beginning with an I
-Midwestern Paradise, in a different state beginning with an I
-Northeastern City
-Current hometown

4 favorite foods
There are so many! Right now, I'm jonesing for all of the things that I can't eat -- so here they are in order in which I want Spoual Unit to bring them to me in the hospital the moment the Gadlet has exited my body and is safely tucked away in the bed next to me ...


4 places I'd rather be
-on a beach, any beach
-in an art museum
-not pregnant. Can that be a place?

4 movies I can watch over and over
I watch all movies I like over and over. It drives Spousal Unit crazy. The top four are probably:

-Pride & Prejudice (A&E/BBC Colin Firth version, of course.)
-Raising Arizona

4 TV shows I like to watch
I don't have any TV reception or cable - just a TV and DVD player, so I watch all my TV on DVD.
-Veronica Mars (S. 1)
-Alias (S. 1-2 ONLY)

4 websites I view daily
-New York Times
-The Onion
-Perez Hilton (yes, I know, embarassing to admit, but it's a guilty pleasure...)

4 computers I have owned
I'm a very loyal and passionate Apple evangelist.

-Apple II+
-PowerBook 520
-PowerBook G4

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At 3:39 PM Dr. Mon said...

Yeah! I don't think I knew you were a fellow Alias fan. Season 3 did shift my interest in the show, but now that I own it and Season 5, I'm actually come to appreciate the end of the series more. (I picked up a used copy of 3 just recently at a Video Game store!)

At 6:30 PM Lex said...

I'm with you on the food cravings. I'm yearning for sashimi, pate, blue cheese and sauvignon blanc, and frankly (I'm 16 weeks pregnant), I've had bites and sips of everything but the sashimi in the last few weeks. I looked up the studies on listeria and fetal alcohol syndrome and discovered the human race would be extinct if it were that easy to kill a baby. And yes, pregnant would be a grand place not to be. Good luck with delivery.

At 12:57 PM jo(e) said...

I did a meme like this a few years ago, and I'm thinking of doing it again -- as soon as my office is clean ....

At 12:57 PM jo(e) said...

Of course, clearly I am surfing blogs right now instead of cleaning.

At 8:54 AM Waterlily said...

If you've ever melted Velveeta in a microwave and left it in too long, you'd realize why the swimming pool made you use a Crock-Pot - it has a tendency to boil over and make a HUGE mess if you don't watch it carefully!


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