Due Date

Nothing much happening on this Auspicious Estimated Delivery Date. But, I did go to the doctor today and he determined in the least pleasant way possible ("You might feel some pressure." Pressure, yeah. Right.) that I'm 2 cm dialated and 50% effaced.

Of course, those numbers mean pretty much Absoutely Nothing in the world of labor and delivery.

Still, it is a sign that there are Things Happening down there since last week the numbers were 0.

So, it could be any time. It could be in 2 weeks.

Just thought you all might want to know.

(Oh, and in celebration of the Due Date, Spousal Unit is taking me to my favorite tapas restaurant for dinner. Yippee!)


At 8:35 PM Suz said...

Happy celebrating and congratulations on the first steps of meet-your-baby project!

At 11:03 PM spark said...

Yippee, indeed!

At 3:09 PM Scrivener said...

Glad there's some progress. I'll think encouraging thoughts for you.


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