As I had predicted, things got much better the next morning. Except for the fact that I hadn't gotten much sleep. Alas. Anyway, Spousal Unit voluntarily took care of the Gadlet all the next night and I took over the tasks he usually does -- like the dishes and cleaning up. It was a nice break. I think we might alternate evening jobs from here on out. Then, yesterday he stayed home all morning so that I could do work. It was glorious. And, he has promised to stay home all day every Thursday until I go back to work so that I can get stuff done on the Dreaded D. So, all in all, a good fight that cleared the air. He thinks maybe every now and then we need that kind of catharsis. I think that the next time he wants a catharsis I won't let him anywhere near the Nyquil.

Now on to funner more trivial things. Ever since I got pregnant, I have been growing my hair. I did it because I figured 1) I should take advantage of the fabulous super-model pregnant hair while I could and 2) it would be easier with a tiny baby to not have to dry and style my hair every day but to just pull it back into some kind of restraining device. So for the first time in my adult life I let my hair grow past my collar. It hit about shoulder length, with some layers. And while I was pregnant, it was great. All that extra hair (you don't shed while pregnant) was fantastic and it always looked good no matter what I did. And I was right that while having a tiny baby the last thing I wanted to do was to fuss with my hair. But I have to confess that ever since the Gadlet was born, it has pretty much looked terrible no matter what I did. Add to this the fact that about a couple of weeks ago I started shedding. Well, shedding implies a slow, gradual process. This has been more like I was a collie dog blowing my coat at the end of the winter season. It was like, WHUMP -- there goes all of my hair. Seriously -- it has been coming out by the fistful. And like when your dog blows its coat - the hair is everywhere -- on all of the furniture, in my bed, covering all of my clothees, and worse, stuck to my kid. Every time I look at the Gadlet, she's been covered in my hair. Once one strand got so tangled up in her fingers I thought it was going to cut off the circulation It was getting really gross. Plus she's started deliberate grabbing -- so my hair, right at her grabbing reach was perfect for her to pull. Not fun.

So yesterday I had it whacked. My hairdresser, Fair, is so great -- she's been cutting my hair for about 13 years. She did my hair the day I got married. When the Gadlet was born, I made a special trip into the shop to show off to Fair. So, this hairdresser has seen it all. I went in yesterday and said - get me back to my normal hair! My chin-length, short do that tucks behind the ears.

Here's a photo:

(Looking good, huh? -- well, if you ignore the double chin, anyway...)

The Gadlet has also been considering making some hair changes. She was thinking about going Goth:

But, it looked way too Diana Ross for her taste.

Then she thought perhaps Red was the new Black ...

But while she felt very contemplative and poetical, it wasn't quite right.

Then, she found it. The perfect Gadlet Hair:


At 10:51 AM Suz said...

Crazy -- I am reading this fast because I am on my way out to get a hair cut. Maybe that is a symbol of taking care of ourselves? I couldn't stand my shoulder length any longer either! Hopefully I will look as good as Gadlet. Or at least as happy as she is. Anyway, glad all is better. Thanks for the photos :-)

At 11:32 AM Mary Joan Koch said...

I have recently started reading your blog and love it. Your haircut is wonderful. I wear my silver hair shoulder length but I am wondering whether I should cut it shorter before my 7-month-old grandson pulls it all out. He gets such a grip that it is almost impossible to pry his hands open.

At 6:02 PM What Now? said...

Lookin' good!

And the Gadlet is rockin' the hair!

At 9:28 PM RageyOne said...

very cute cut!

love the colorful wig on the gadlet!

At 11:20 PM Scrivener said...

I just bought one of those rainbow wigs! Um ... yeah, for my kids.

At 2:34 PM Kathleen said...

Well, you know I'm all about the short hair! And I do think rainbow is her color. :)

At 4:51 PM mom said...

LOVE the red. Love it. So, middle ages with the braid. Love it.

Also, I lost so so so much hair I couldn't believe it. I cried. It was bad. I had scalp. It came back thicker after my 1st (this was good) and now, with Thing 2 13 months, I'm finally all grown back. It just takes time.

At 7:50 PM jo(e) said...

The crazy hair baby photos are just fantastic!

At 10:30 PM Mimi said...

LMAO. Nothing like a baby in a wig to bring out the giggling and the sloshing of eggnog on the late night keyboard. Snork.

Your hair looks lovely. I've got a bob too. All the cool kids are doing it: Katie Holmes, Posh.

And the shedding? It's kind of extreme, eh? I left fistfuls of hair all over the place ...

At 10:24 PM Unbalanced Reaction said...

I agree; the last one's perfect!

At 12:46 AM Anonymous said...

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At 8:45 PM Evie P. said...

Hey! My grad school journey began about 10 yrs ago, and my wee dollop was born in September as well! And wow, am I ever dealing with the hair issue now.

I came here because New Kid linked you btw.

At 3:09 AM Anonymous said...

I'm getting a chin length bob similar to yours.. just more angled but I'm not cutting the 2 front sections... more of a punk hairstyle. I have had normal hairstyles for 2 years and I would like to revisit my wild hair days:)

I spent 2 years being the typical normal haired pregnant woman(yeah 2 pregnancies back to back). Now my daughter is 10 months and my son is 22 months and I'm tired of my daughter hanging on my hair.

I understand the hair loss thing too. I should be bald by now. I am still shedding horribly. My brush is full after a couple pulls down my almost elbow length hair. I brush my hair before my shower and I still pull out fistfuls while washing it. My vaccuum has a ful head of hair on the roller after maybe 2 vacuumings sessions and its a; my hair... my husband shaves his head my son doesn't really shed yet and my daughter hasn't got enough hair to matter.

Of course I have bleached and dyed my hair once after my daughter was born(dyed a couplke months ago) and my hair is growing in like crazy so I don't have bald spots or anything. It's just a big hassle to shed so much and feel like a burden on other people because you cover their house in hair when you visit even lol.

Well I don't know where you live but if you live in michigan I would love to become friends and maybe hang out one day when you aren't busy. See if we get along in person and our kids do too... if we get along online first that is lol.

Sorry if I posted more than once I don't think it worked but I could be wrong. Just so you know I found you through google images when searching for chin length bob.



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