Obama Drama

I feel that it is only fair for me to tell you that Spousal Unit has fallen in love with someone else.  

I am trying to be open-minded and fair about this new relationship and at the same time hold on to the husband I know.  But it is hard because he won't shut up about this new love.  Worse, he expects me to follow along and to be happy that he has found this new person who gives purpose to his life.   Frankly I'm a little jealous. He's devoting all of his time and emotional energy to his new love interest.  I even caught him ignoring the Gadlet the other day while he was on-line with his new honey.
Yes, my man has fallen hard for Barack Obama.  

And let me tell you, he is absolutely head-over-heels obsessed.  It's a leetle insane.  I keep catching him obsessively perusing the internet for spin and information and polls.  He brings 
his computer to bed every night so that he can follow the situation.  I feel like I'm sharing a bed with Barack Obama.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan.  I happily voted for the man yesterday and waited in a long line to get to do it.  The first time I saw Obama speak, I got the chills -- I knew I was watching our first black President.  I just knew it.  Whether this is his moment or not, I don't know.  I have hope, but I don't know.  Regardless, he moves me.   (And speaking of hope, if you haven't seen it, go and watch this tear-jerking video.)

But Spousal Unit is over the top.  Yesterday morning he was in the foulest mood I've ever seen him in.  He was grouchy with me, short with the Gadlet, and stormed around the house all morning with a dark cloud lurking over his head.  I decided to remedy the situation by leaving. Then last night when he got home he was all sunshine and light.  What had caused his bad morning mood?  He finally confessed that he was stressed about Super Tuesday.   Yes, politics is controlling his whole world.

The beautiful thing is that he is putting his obsession into action.  He has been hanging around the local Obama campaign headquarters making calls and canvassing.  The other day he took the Gadlet while she was sleeping and she hung out there in her stroller and he made calls.  It is really cool and admirable.  I'm way to shy to do things like that, so I'm really impressed that he's so into it.  Plus, the Gadlet will get to say someday that she campaigned for Obama.  

The best part for me, though, is that I get to tease Spousal Unit with the poetry of the Gadlet's favorite book -- Llama Llama Red Pajama.  It's all about this baby llama going to bed whose Mama has stuff to do and doesn't get to him as quickly as he wants.  And as you may expect, there is a lot of rhyming.  Whenever the Gadlet sees this book, she smiles.  It is adorable.  But anyway, there's this line in the book when the Mama returns to the baby llama as he has a tantrum: "Little llama such a tizzy, sometimes Mama's very busy.  Please stop all this Llama drama and be patient for your Mama."   In our house I've adapted it: "Spousal Unit, what a tizzy.  Sometimes politics are busy.  Please stop all this Obama drama and help the Gadlet's patient Mama."

Ok, so maybe the joke doesn't translate into written text so well.   But it is very funny to those of us who have to repeatedly read the same book to the kid over and over so much that we've got it memorized. 

Anyway, I don't usually post about politics - there are far smarter and more engaged folk out there doing it for me -- but I wanted to share this Drama with you all since yesterday was a pretty good day for all of us Obama Llamas.  And because finally for the first time in weeks, Spousal Unit can relax with the Gadlet's mama. 

Dreaded D:

I've got an article to write that is due by the end of the month.  Since I've put these folks off for about a year (Gasp!) I really, really, really have to do it this time.  The good news is that it is a good chunk of one of my chapters, so hopefully by working on this article I'll also be making progress on chapter 5.  I'm a little nervous since I haven't been at this for a while, but hopefully it will be OK.  I'm going to hold my nose and dive right in.  Wish me luck!


At 2:24 PM Lex said...

This is brilliant and I empathise because my husband's exactly the same about Obama, completely besotted. I don't think I can hear the man's voice or the words "change" or "hope" again, without snarling.

I'm backing Hillary, but I wonder how much of that is because I'm sulky and jealous.

Good luck with the article!

At 3:04 PM EcoGeoFemme said...

Good luck!

At 9:51 PM Mimi said...

It's really interesting from up here in Soviet Canuckistan to watch the real energy and passion of this nomination race: it's wonderful, really, to see so many people caring so much. Woohoo!

At 11:12 PM Anonymous said...

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