The Obama Obsession

The Obama Obsession : A Drama in Three Acts 

Act One: Preparations

The Scene:  Spousal Unit and Stewgad are at home when the phone rings.  A friend has invited them to tour a historic house that he has just purchased and is renovating.  Spousal Unit hangs up the phone and our heroes start to prepare for the journey.

Stewgad: I wonder what the weather is like today, and consequently how warmly will I have to dress the Gadlet?  Have you heard?

Spousal Unit: Nope.

Stewgad: OK - I'll check. 

(click, clickety, click, tap, tap.)

Stewgad: Oh - a bad cold front is moving through along with some snowfall for the whole [region we're in].

Spousal Unit: Wow.  I hope it doesn't hurt Maine. 

Stewgad (utterly bewildered):  Maine??  

Spousal Unit:  Yeah, a storm could really impact the turnout.  

Stewgad:  Maine?!! Your first thought was Maine???  We're about to go out and take our child into the tundra and your first thought was Maine??? 

Spousal Unit (sheepishly):  Yes, well it is a caucus state, so it is really important for Obama to have...

Stewgad: (Rolls eyes and groans.)

Act Two: The Tour

The Scene: Historic House Under Renovation

Friend:  So this is the house.  Here is where the historic kitchen was.  Now we'll move through the hallway into the upstairs apartment.

Spousal Unit:  Wow, this apartment sure is great.  What a great view!  From here you can even see the Obama headquarters!!  (Turns to Friend) Can I witness for you about my feelings for Obama?  

Friend: (Mumbles uncomfortably and changes subject.) 

Stewgad: (Groans and rolls eyes.) 

Gadlet: (Takes opportunity to spit up into her snowsuit, onto her mother's wool coat and, splat, onto the newly refinished historic oak floors.)

Act Three: The Drive

The Scene: Our heroes have just gotten into the car.  It is quiet until Stewgad speaks.

Stewgad:  Wow, that was really a great house. 

Spousal Unit:  I don't think Friend likes Obama. 

Stewgad:  Oh. My. God!  Is that all you think about?? I don't think I can survive this election season!  Can't we talk about anything else???

Spousal Unit:  Yes, we can. 

The End. 
This little drama was brought to you today by Obama Obsessed Anonymous (O.O.A).  Please contact us if you suspect that you or someone you love has a problem. 


At 9:09 PM Kathleen said...

Just. Peed. My. Pants.

At 10:12 PM Nik said...

he he he. Oh my god. I'll vote for Obama just to convince S.U. to think about something else for the weekend...

At 2:35 PM Goga said...

Check out this cartoon on Obama.

At 7:10 PM kathy a. said...

well. i don't preach or obsess. but i did go to lunch with some colleagues the other day, and as the conversation turned, we were all relieved to figure out that we all have settled on obama. and feeling hopeful, actually, for the first time in more years than any of us can count.


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