Final Foibles '08, Part 1

In the grand old tradition of attempting to enjoy oneself while grading, or at least not poke one's eyes out with the red pen, I offer the following fabulous sentences from this round of student papers.

In the I'm Never Going to Travel Again category:
"Many soldiers received sexually transmitted diseases from traveling overseas." 

In the Badly Overstating the Obvious category: (with bonus points for the insanely repetitive use of semi-colons.) 
"Abortion is a two-sided argument; both sides have drastic views about what is right and what is wrong.... those who believe that abortion is murder belong to the pro-life argument; those who believe in the right to choose thus belong to the pro-choice argument."

In the I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means category:
"When the differences were set aside, the regions could collaborate and work together in harmony, but the amber of the fire never truly died, it simply mustered until it had room to ignite."

Stay tuned for Final Foibles '08, Part 2.  I get 45 more papers tomorrow. 


At 10:20 PM hypatia said...

Every year I correct students for attempting to illicit responces from children.

It's like affect/effect only much funnier.

Someone today also wrote:
Neurons are inherit properties of the brain.

uhm? inherent?

At 9:34 AM Supadiscomama said...

Awesome. My favorite first line ever was written for a colleague's freshman comp class:

"I love guns, I love government, but I also love to sing."

At 5:44 PM Ms.PhD said...

these made me laugh.

i'm confused about which word though. amber? mustered?

sigh. i hope i will find grading amusing, if ever i find myself doing it. i have a pretty dark sense of humor so it might suit me nicely.

At 10:57 PM Anonymous said...

Is this even appropriate? I wouldn't want some idiot teacher posting parts of my paper without my permission.


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