A bit of a sad day for the folks here at P.h.D. (And by folk I mean me.)

After three long years of writing Pretty Hard, Dammit on, I'm moving.

I spent some random precious hours for a few months attempting to tinker around with Blogger’s very limited templates, and I utterly failed to successfully edit the html on the template I did find that I sort of liked, (I could never get rid of that stock picture of the stupid highway above) so I gave up in complete frustration. Then I started looking around for other blogging options and found WordPress. Woah. It’s like a Mac - easy and intuitive. Why I didn’t I switch over there years ago, I don’t know. Anyway, so far I love love love it. It’s fancy and schmantzy and smells like newly mown grass. Well, maybe not that last part. But is is cool.

I’m hoping I don’t lose anybody in the switch! I won’t get rid of the old blog here at Blogger and I migrated all of my old posts so you can catch up on old times in the shiny new format, but I won’t be adding any new posts over here anymore.

So Fabulous Readers, Please Please PLEASE update your links, bookmarks, bloglines, etc. to the new URL:

Was that too needy and beggy? How about sensationalistic and tabloidesque? --

Be sure to update because you know you won’t want to miss a minute of the crazy antics of Stewgad (Is she writing? When will she finish?), Spousal Unit (Is he cooking? When does he start teaching?) and The Gadlet (Is she walking? Is she talking?), be sure to come on over to the new site!

So long, Blogger, and thanks!


At 4:54 AM Anonymous said...

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At 3:32 PM Stewgad said...

Because of Spam Comments like the one above, I've disabled comments on this blog. Please visit my new blog at Wordpress.


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