Day 12: Part 2

Well, I wrestled that beast to the ground, and wrote the shit out of four and a half pages in the last hour and a half. Dang, does it feel a little better. I still don't think I need to learn this lesson, but maybe I can have that fight with myself again tomorrow. Part of the reason I think that I got some work done finally was that I relocated in the Quiet Library to a place where there is only air conditioning, not air conditioning and heat, instead of sweating it out in the cage. I think that helped my productivity a lot. I plan to do the same tomorrow.

Off to dinner at a great Prof's house with friends.



At 9:07 PM Suz said...

Very good day, Stewgard

So today I sat on the small bathroom floor with cheese in my hand, looking out the newly installed dog do (it has a clear screen you can see out) looking at the dog trainer outside. I hired Matt in part beccause living alone, I cannot be outside and inside. Some jobs just take two. So, I hold the cheese and we hold the flaps up to coax the dog through, then I hand the cheese through to Matt knelling outside.., and he coaxes the dog back outside....over and over, second slice of cheese.... I beg him to come inside...we still have to hold the flaps up or he freezes. My legs are cramping..... more cheese, back and forth and after about an hour...Buddy can go in and out his dog door on his own! He has gone from timid, concerned, to running in and out for no reason but to show off that he can do it! Meanwhile, cat/Shilo sits there watching like we are a bizarre circus.

That is my victory for today. Not a match for your progress, but a big step for dogkind, and I believe there is no such thing as a small victory. And hopefully tonight I don't have to get up to let Buddy out at 2 a.m.

And tomorrow is another day.

At 10:33 PM New Kid on the Hallway said...

Air conditioning is key. I get very cranky when just sitting in front of the computer gets me sweating. Glad to hear you got so much done.

At 2:25 AM Overread said...

Congrats on the progress! Isn't it wonderful when the wall breaks and the words actually start flowing?

At 4:49 PM Stewgad said...

Thanks all for the lovely words of encouragement. They're taking me a long way this afternoon!


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