Day 2 Progress Report:

I went to campus and worked in my Cage -- which is this tiny (4'x4') metal- mesh box at the back of the library that has a door so it locks. Believe it or not, there is a 2 year long waiting list to get one of these things. Just another indication that graduate students are masochists. The only thing missing is a little wheel to run around, around, around in. But, it was good to get out of the house, even better to do some work on campus and feel like I can maybe work here again for a while.

I finished 1/2 of the manhood and work section. It turns out, in my brilliant move to come up to the Cage, I forgot two of the books I really needed to write this section of the literature review. And, I forgot my power cord, so I was down to about 20% power by the time I left the library in the evening. I did discover, though, that composing on paper is pretty satisfying, and perhaps even more effective at times than composing onto the computer. So, even though I didn't meet my daily goal, I felt really good and I got a lot accomplished. AND-- round of applause, please -- I only played 2 games of solitaire the whole workday. (I played a few more at night before I went to bed, but since they were not eating up work time, I don't thing they count.) I also printed out 4 or 5 articles that I need to read. I LOVE downloading articles. I HATE printing them. It takes SO long and seems like such a waste, but I just can't adjust yet to reading them on the computer.

Also - unrelated -- had a really interesting discussion last night with friends about i heart huckabees and Episode III, about existentialism and Buddhism. The best part of hanging about academia is the really smart people you meet who offer you insights into ideas you hadn't ever really thought about. The best part of a small town is that our first C.S.A. box of farm vegetables arrived yesterday. Rhubarb, lettuce, spinach, and arugula. Plus two basil seedlings to plant. The bounty begins!

Today -- I have to send an email to my very kind advisor who very nicely let me know in an email yesterday that he was available to read anything I had to send him. While this could be read as passive aggressive, I don't think it was. He is a really great guy and I think was trying to gently nudge me along. So, today I have to send in a progress report to him. I think I'll do that first.

Then, I will finish the section on manhood and work. Tonight we're going to dinner and a play with some friends, so I have to leave work a little early, so I've really got to push through this bit. Even though it feels a bit like jogging in cement shoes.

Cheers -


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