Thanks for checking in. Work slowed down a bit with the end of the semester as I wrapped up the final round of grading. But since then, I've been getting back to it full time, trying to remember what I was thinking and writing about a few weeks ago.

I have finished a new revised and significantly pared down introduction to chapter 2 (from 7-8 pages to 4) that I'd love you to take a look at, if you're willing. It's not much, but it should give you a sense of what I'm doing with chapter 2. And, I think (hope) it is much clearer and tighter than the first time around. I'm now about halfway through the literature review section of chapter 2 on defining manhood and citizenship/civil/political rights. Then, I'll pare down the Rousseau/Grinnell discussion, and then add in a bit on civil rights arguments as manhood arguments, tune up the suffrage arguments that I've already got, and then I should be done with this round of revising chapter 2.

So far. it is taking a lot longer than I anticipated and/or like. I'm really struggling with revision, although I certainly recognize the desperate need for it! But, each day it is picking up - and I'm able to get more done. So, I'm hoping it will snowball and by the beginning of next week I'll really be rolling along.

Anyway, that's where I'm at. My completion schedule looks like this:

Chapter 2 by June 10
Chapter 3 by June 24
Chapter 1 by July 8
Chapter 4 by July 22
Intro/Conclusion by August 5.

I am still shooting for a late August defense (Big Important Professor says 26th is the only day that works for her), but I am flexible depending on how many revisions the committee requires. If we have to push it into the semester, I think it is OK. I can always get a proxy for B.I.P., if need be. But, for my own mental health, I REALLY want to have at least the first round of revisions done by the beginning of August.

As always, your thoughts are welcome. And, let me know if you'd like to see the intro to chapter 2, or if you want to hold off on it until you have the whole chapter in hand.


At 5:58 PM Anonymous said...

You go girl,

At 6:50 PM Cleis said...

I think it's worth mentioning that your deadlines are as they are because you have already written drafts of these chapters, although of course some are more complete than others. I say this only because I don't want other poor dissertators to look at your deadlines and shoot themselves because they can't write a chapter from scratch in three weeks!

Brava for the deadlines and all the good work you're doing!

At 9:49 AM Stewgad said...

Thanks Roz!! Oh, and good point Cleis! Yeah, I'm REVISING, not drafting from scratch. That part took me 5 years. So, nobody shoot themselves over 2 week deadlines!


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