So, yesterday, I had a frozen decaf coffee in the morning, and lo and behold, I was the most productive I've been yet this summer. Hm. Do you think there's a link? I developed a completion schedule (see yesterday's letter to advisor), and a daily schedule for getting through this chapter that I am revising. It was a revelation. It was amazing. Then, I just hammered out a few pages of literature review and totally met yesterday's goal.

I can credit the coffee - but I think actually it is the jogging principle. I hate to run. I think it is stupid and excruciatingly painful, and really, unless you're being chased, there's no point. But, I imagine that if you start running, you don't just go out and run 5 miles the first time. You've got to run a few blocks, then go home on the first day. The next, you go a little farther, and the next day even farther, until suddenly, you're running! (It sort of works this way with swimming). I think that writing is a lot like this too. You have to just to a little bit at a time, until suddenly, you're writing. I've spent a few weeks doing a little each day, so I think yesterday was just that day where I started running.

I am of course now afraid that I have jinxed today by being so happy about yesterday. (That is the way that the grad student brain works.)

Daily Goal: Complete the literature review discussion of manhood and citizenship.



At 1:06 PM cantando said...

You're inspiring me to set up more of a specific schedule for projects I intend to accomplish this summer.


At 12:32 PM Stewgad said...

Roz -
Good luck with it! It felt so scary and awful while I did it. Spousal Unit had to push me into it by making me mad. But I'm SO glad I did!


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