Despite my procrastinating, meme-ing, and ego googling (egoogling?) today, (Which is even more fun when you have a blog to look up. Did you know there is a fake stock market out there that "sells" shares in blogs just like they were real companies? What kind of madness is this? As if the real thing wasn't confusing enough!), I finished the next 1/3 of Chapter 1. That leaves me with 1 more section of text to edit/trim, and either a new section to add on the history of women's rights agitation during the Civil War (hint: they sacrificed themselves for the greater good), or a few pages of wrap-up, summary, and set-up for the rest of the diss.

I was going to go do some more painting on my office tomorrow, but instead, I'm going to stay here and knock this last bit out.
My goal for tomorrow: finish the text of Chapter 1. (May have footnote stuff I'll deal with later. But if I can finish that too, it would be great.)

Even though I know it is bad to look ahead and worry about what you're not actually doing yet, I'm going to do it anyway -- after I finish Chapter 1 comes new Chapter 2, which is the worst in the whole diss. It needs the most work, and a lot of new stuff added to make it actually work. As it is now, I've got 30 pages of unusable material and 20 pages of sort of usable material. Sigh. But, I'll jump off that bridge when I get there.

'Night, all.


At 8:50 AM HistGrad said...

Excellent progress! and excellent strategy. By the time you get to the scary parts of Chapter 2, you'll have the momentum from Chapter One to push you along, plus you'll be feeling that much closer to finishing. You'll get there!

P.S. I vote for the pages of wrap-up... who needs a new section? Try it without, and see if your advisor notices anything lacking. Path of least resitance...:)

At 2:36 PM Dr. Mon said...

Glad you are moving along!! Kudos on the Chapter One progress. I need to follow your example...

At 7:08 PM Stewgad said...

Thanks guys! Today was a bit of a bust, but oh well. You can't be superproductive every day.


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