Today, I painted shelves (more future office nesting), and continued with the study clean-out process. It was a bit ambitious to think I could finish it yesterday. I'm still in the thick of it - everything is out of the desk drawers and spread all over the floor, the table, and the desk, in rough piles that I don't know what to do with. I think that by the end of the evening I can have most of it sorted out, but man, this was a bit of a bigger job than I had imagined. I guess it was the leaving things alone for 4 years and just adding to the stacks each week that made it such a mess. Sigh.

I also figured out a big karmic retribution thing about why I can't move into my new office completely yet. I've been stomping around and griping that the previous possessor of my position hasn't yet moved out of her office so that I could have her furniture, without really grasping that I still have stuff in an office in my department in my graduate campus an hour away that I have to move out of also. It only just occurred to me that perhaps if I shlepped my junk out of that space, then in the great cosmic link of interconnected office crap, it will create some intergalactic room for her to shlep her stuff out of her office, and then I can get her furniture and commence with my moving in. I'm sure there's a weird logic there somewhere. So, that is on the docket for the weekend.

That's pretty much it for tonight. Except I want to brag for a smidge about how great my sisters-in-law are. In the dealing out of extra sisters that come to you for free as added bonus benefits of family, I totally lucked out. Both of my sisters-in-law, Spousal Unit's sister and my brother's wife, are totally amazing, doing such hard work and following their dreams. I'm so impressed. Spousal Unit's sister called today and we had a great conversation, it really picked me up in the middle of this cleaning nightmare. And yesterday, my brother's wife sent me a gift certificate from my favorite art shop in my town that she's visited only once. How she remembered, I'll never know. Plus, a call from my best friend today rounded out the couple of days of great women in my life. I'm definitely feeling blessed. Here's to you, sisters!


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