Some days the universe is just out to get you. The coffeeshop's air conditioning is broken. There's a guy on the floor with his head in the machine showing his crack trying to fix it. Bet he's having a great day too.

On the plus side, it gave me just the excuse I needed to get the frozen coffee beverage that is the caloric equivalent of a milkshake, because who wants to drink a hot drink in zero air conditioning?


At 12:12 PM verdade said...

You made me laugh out loud, SG. I love your writing. I just read the last three blogs all at once, and the picture of the guy fixing the air conditioning topped it off. Not that any of the crap we have to deal with is funny, cause f'real f'real it is NOT (!), but sometimes, at some point, maybe it is... my point is the next time I have to deal with things that piss me off and are overwhelming (like in the next hour), I'm going to try and laugh a little.

Also, you do NOT suck, and I'm GLAD you wore that shirt!

Lots of love!


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