I put in 2 loads of laundry, so am steadily making my way toward having clean clothes. Congratumafuckinlations to me for dealing with my own stupid shit.

Had an AMAZING lunch with an old friend in town for a couple of days at my favorite restaurant -- seared tuna crusted in cardamom and black sesame seeds on coconut cous-cous with a mango-cilantro sauce. I almost pulled a Sally at the table. It was that great. I told the Chef, who is an almost friend, and he said that he loved how I always ordered the most interesting thing on the menu. He said I was one of the most adventurous customers. So, I got great lunch, and a nice compliment! (And, no he wasn't coming on to me if that's what you're thinking. His wife works with my husband.)

The great lunch gave me the courage to phone the Insurer. Who told me that there is a 24 month waiting period on crowns. 24 months. SO, you're supposed to wait for 2 fucking years before you fix your broken tooth. I lived with this one for about a year and had reached the point of intense pain constantly. What the hell kind of insurance is this? Devised by those nice folks FROM HELL? Ah, welcome to the American Health Care system. The best in the world, if only you can afford it. I can't even imagine what people do who don't have incomes. Live with constant pain. Be ill. Lose teeth. Not get the things that they need when they need them. What a shitty world.

On that happy note, now I'm going to walk to the coffee shop where it is air-conditioned, get myself an iced something, and deal with this introduction.


At 4:29 PM avocadoinparadise said...

I agree that the health care system is evil -- and the dental care system is particularly nasty. I recently paid over $2000, over the course of 6 months, with no dental insurance, for a tooth that the damn filling crumbled out of one day while I was eating a granola bar. Glad to live in the USA?? Something like that!

Good luck with your tooth. How did it turn out?


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