On the Fast(er) Track

Since Scrivener so nicely asked, I'll post a quickie little telenovela of my dissertation life in the past 3-ish weeks -- with more to follow tomorrow.

I've been informed by the PTB in my department that I need to finish or else it's the axe. Gulp.

Ok, I says. I transmit said information to the advisor and repeate my request (the one I've given for the past 10 years at least once a semester) for hard and fast deadlines. Along with this request, I turned in my new Introduction (!! horay!)

Miracle of miracles, I've received such hard and fast deadlines!

Oh fuck, said I, I guess this means I have to finish. In the next 6 months.

So, that's it in a nutshell. I'll wax a bit more descriptive about this nutshell tomorrow when I resume my daily dissertation posts and start the chapter-a-month countdown clock!!

By the way, I've missed all my blog friends since I've been on teaching hiatus!



At 7:46 PM StyleyGeek said...

Sounds like you need to come play InaDWriMo (International Dissertation Writing Month) with us...

At 8:13 PM Dr. Mon said...

You can do it!!!

At 8:19 PM zelda said...

stewgad, you can do it! look forward to reading your updates!

At 8:54 PM Scrivener said...

You really can do it! Go, go, go!

At 2:17 PM RageyOne said...

good to hear from you! keep us posted! looking forward to hearing more about your progress. keep it up!

At 8:33 AM Suz said...

Once a long time ago I waited in line for hours to have Maya Angelou sign a book for me. A young man in line in front of me kept telling Ms. Angelou all of his life dreams. She kept shaking his hand and repeating, "Yes, you can do that." I wish I could transmit the strength of her voice and grip and eye contact so you could hear her say it emphatically, YES, YOU CAN DO THAT."

You ARE doing it!


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