Days until first chapter revisions are due: 13

Pages of chapter I've already written: 56

Pages of chapter that are usable: 21

Sections of new material to be added: 2

Amount of research to do in order to add the new material: 5 more different KINDS of material to examine (and find).

Pages needed to write in 13 days: 25

Outstanding student papers I need to grade: 75

New Student papers arriving on Monday: 56

Trustees attending Friday's lecture: 3

Movies to screen before Friday's seminar: 2

Stressed out Stewgads: 1


Fabulous student quote of the day?: "Today's class was better than Christmas!!!"

(They played Textbook Trivia for a 48-hour paper extension. It's my favorite day of the year, too.)


At 3:08 PM Flavia said...

Okay, I so need details about this "textbook trivia" of which you speak.

At least, when you have a minute. Which I understand might not happen any time this semester.

At 3:39 PM RageyOne said...

wow. humbling numbers. try. try. try.

At 8:57 AM Zelda said...

lots to do - you can do it! :)

At 9:58 AM Scrivener said...

I want to know more about this textbook trivia too!

Looking through your list, I see at least a couple of lines that you should be completely ignoring, and they both have to do with grading. Screw that. Give the papers back whenever you give them back. All the other stuff is more important.

At 2:18 AM Dharma said...

I am familiar with the feeling of "counting". I am in the midst of it myself. Hang in, I'm betting you can do it.


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