Let's Hear it for the Drugs

Gadlet/Pregnancy Update:

Going into this whole pregnancy thing, like many a good liberal, well-meaning parent-to-be with aspirations of crunchy greenness, I thought I'd eat perfectly, eschew anything that would be potentially harmful to my growing kidlet, and OF COURSE avoid all drugs during the pregnancy and during labor.

Fast forward six months and I've only gained 7 lbs and am vomiting at least once a week. The only thing I could stomach for a few months was day-glo orange Easy Mac. And prentatal vitamins? Forget it. Not a chance. Plus, I haven't felt good enough to sit up for any real period of time, let alone do anything resembling productive work.

Two weeks ago I went in to see my doctor and wound up with the second guy in the practice -- the one I haven't seen before. He asked me how I was doing and I told him that I had puked three times in the last week. He looked at me and said, "Only 1% of people are still sick at this point in their pregnancy." I said, "Yeah, well, you're looking at that 1%." Then he changed my life with one little word: Zofran. Stewgad's offpring will now be named Zofran Stewgad-Spousal Unit. I swear. One pill a day and I can eat, I can sleep, I can think! It even got rid of that awful taste in my mouth. Joy! Joy! I am now carefully and rapidly revising my opinion of drugs during childbirth. Hell, if this one tiny little white pill is so great, who knows what a giant needle in my spine could do!

So, given my newfound state of non-nausea, I'm getting back to the dissertation stuff today. And, about time, too. The clock isn't just ticking, it's freaking pounding, so I better get moving pretty quickly!

The good news is that I got an extension on the article I insanely agreed to write for this collection, so I can focus on revisions for a couple of weeks exculsively.

I'm starting in today on revisions for the fourth chapter. In case you forgot, the third is ready, the intro is ready, the first doesn't exist, the second needs 1/3 composed, and the fourth and fifth just need revision. So, I think if I start working with something I've already gotten down on paper, I can get back into the thinking swing of things, and also know what it is that I need to do in the first couple of chapters to get me to where I am at the end. Anyway, that's my hope and plan.

I'm going to start in slowly -- on the 15 Minute a Day model. I'm going to try to work for 45 minutes now, pausing only to bring food to the desk, and then I'll reward myself by doing some dishes and picking up Spousal Unit from the airport. (He was away for the weekend.)

I'll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!

(I'm also working on a much more intersting and profound post about the Gendering of American Infants that I'll try to post sometime soon.)


At 10:26 PM suz said...

Good Luck, Good Job and Go for the Rewards!

At 1:31 PM spark said...

Three cheers for drugs!! Hooray! Glad you're feeling better!

At 7:47 PM RageyOne said...

so glad you no longer suffering from nausea. happy writing!

At 11:49 PM What Now? said...

What good news about the medication. Congrats on the nausea-free living, and good luck on cranking out those final dissertation revisions!

At 4:07 PM Kiki BE said...

have you tried flintstone vitamins? I take two b/c I'm still scarred from taking the prenatal ones b/c I remember all the nausea I got from them. Good luck!

At 2:47 AM sakthi said...

Its nice to hear you feel good and comfortable..Thanks to Zofran,Continue your care on your baby..I'd seen few womans not leave their habits of smoking and drinking during their pregnancy,doctor's only could clearly explain how bad that is for their child's..
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