Yesterday I did some good work -- reading through about half of the chapter I had to look at before I picked up SU from the airport. Overall the chapter looked thin on evidence and a bit repetitive, but otherwise not the total disaster it could have been. Mildly encouraging.

Today, I've been a total couch potato. I haven't done anything constructive except determine that the Medical Center in town doesn't have birthing classes listed on their website which means I'm going to have to make a phone call to ask for Information from a Stranger which I am both too lazy and too stubborn to make. Yes, I'm 6 months along in my pregnancy and I haven't taken any of those supposedly critical childbirth classes that teach you how to lovingly accept the fact that you will pass a live critter the size of a watermelon through your most sensitive body parts and to brainwash you into thinking that this process will be a) the most meaningful experience of your life b) easy as pie if you come equipped with nothing more than the Right Breathing Method c) a total disaster if you "give in" to the devil better known as modern medicine and ask for drugs. Yes, I'm a shitty parent already. Totally unprepared. Oh, I guess I have also indulged in some obsessive blog reading and interent celebrity gossip searching. Can't get enough of those fucked up celebrities, let me tell you. Although 23 days in jail might just be enough to get me somewhere on my dissertation. So, I'm sitting at my desk -- accomplishment in and of itself, really, and have been for a few hours, but haven't picked the second half of the chapter back up.

For the next 45 minutes (I'm setting a timer) I'm going to read this chapter. Then, I'm going to go to the store and pick up something for dinner. (FYI it is really hard to come up with things to cook when nausea is your default state of being.) I may stop by the public library and check out a DVD for the evening as a reward if I can FINISH the chapter read-through. But, only if I finish.

Pregnancy Complaint of the Day:


Enough said.


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