Day 38

Well, there it is.  I sent off Chapter 4 to my advisor just this moment.  I guess it is an accomplishment, but since I did most of the work on it months ago, it feels rather anticlimactic. Less of a victory and more like one less chore on a very, very long list.  And since I'm pretty terrified of him in general, just because of what he is, not because of who he is, I suppose it is a pretty significant accomplishment. 

Even though it may feel a little like it is adding a bit more stress - since it takes me one more step to the defense which I dread almost as much as, if not more, than childbirth and/or death (in that order).  For those of you new to the story, I was pretty badly scarred by my oral exams, during which I was basically terrorized by a former advisor.  (Which was confirmed for me years later by one of my committee members who sat silently on the sidelines as it was happening.  Yeah, thanks a ton, dude.)  Anyway, since then I've been really really really afraid of the defense.  So much so that I think that I just may have perhaps been dragging my heels on this whole thing just a little bit (ha!) so that I wouldn't have to go through something like that again at the defense.    I suppose, though, that since I survived childbirth, and hey, in my memory it wasn't even so bad (what is up with that hormonally induced craziness???)  maybe this will also be not so bad.  And, also, I am so fucking tired of being afraid of this, I think it is time to just get it over with.  

I guess that's a good enough reason for going on as any, eh? 

So tomorrow I'll be back to working on that article, after I drive to campus and attend an important meeting.  Oh yeah, and unload a whole trunkfull of books and crap into my office. Since I cleaned all of my junk out of the room formerly known as my office now known as the Gadlet's room and moved my "office" into a 2'x3' corner of the upstairs hallway, there's a lot of junk that no longer fits into my new revised office space.  (Which is working pretty well, actually!) 
Gadlet Update:  Blueberries make for blue poop in the blue potty.  

Yep, she's a-shitting in the potty at nine months.   It goes like this:  

Gadlet: Staring off into space with great concentration.  "Ba."  

Stewgad:  "Hm. Whacha doin', Gadlet?" 

Gadlet: Grunting and Straining.  "Ba."

Stewgad:  "Oh!  Pooping!!"  Grabs Gadlet, runs upstairs, pulls potty into bedroom, strips down baby with lickety-split, plops kid on small potty. 

Gadlet: "Ba."  Poops.

Stewgad: "Huzzah!! Well Done Gadlet!  No poopy diapers to wash!" 

Gadlet: "Ba." 

The End. 

Yep, two weeks and counting since I had to clean poop out of a cloth diaper.  The kid is a very precocious pooper.  I wonder if I can put that on her preschool applications? 

Cheers, y'all.  I'll check back in tomorrow. 


At 11:10 AM Suz said...

Congrats! Sounds like you and Gadlet have your shit together!

At 11:50 PM Mimi said...

Suz's comment made me splutter ....

As for the defense .... if you can get a wee baby to poop on the potty, you can pass a defense.

I didn't know about your orals: I'm enraged on your behalf. It's total BS when academics behave like children in that way, and it's had a material and deleterious effect on your work. GRRRR. But fantastic news on getting the chapter sent away!

At 9:44 PM Psych Post Doc said...

HA @ Suz.

Congrats on getting chapter in and trying to overcome your fear. Sounds like your former advisor was a real ass.


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