Day 39

Daily Report: 

I finished the text of the fourth chapter.  I had a draft of the conclusion done yesterday, but re-read it today and tinkered with it until it worked a bit better (I hope.) 

I've worked through most of the citations, although they're kind of fucked up right now because my Bookends is kaplooie.   But I'm working on getting the newest version of Bookends, (Anybody out there using it now who wants to comment?) so that should help tomorrow.  I'm going to go ahead and send the chapter to my advisor first thing tomorrow morning regardless of the state of the footnotes, I just have to go in and remove those nice notes to myself that say things like "what the fuck are you talking about here?"  And "Hm. I don't have any evidence for this but I'm going to make the claim anyway."  I figure he doesn't need my help finding things wrong with the chapter, he can probably do it by himself. 

Tomorrow, I'll get back to the article.   So, I guess I kind of am on schedule, right? 

Thanks all for the wonderful generous encouraging comments!!  They totally made my evening when I checked email tonight!  I'll respond more personally tomorrow.

Little Gadlet Health Update

So we've got the appointment to see the urethra doctor on the 16th of July.  Meanwhile the Gadlet had her 9 month checkup and the doctor took a closer look himself at her little coochie.  Apparently she has something growing in there that is fusing her labia together.  Spousal Unit (who took her in because I was working) called them "strings."  And this from the scientist.  Nice.  Anyway according to S.U.'s interpretation of the doctor's comments they're not uncommon, they'll go away with some estrogen cream, and they could have caused both the UTI and the difficulty with the catheter.  So maybe this is good news.  I don't know, it sounds pretty icky to me, although the Gadlet seems pretty unaffected.  Ah, parenthood...

Cheers until tomorrow!


At 8:58 PM Psych Post Doc said...

I totally have those notes to myself in my manuscripts too! Often they say "fill this in with some shit"... "need to figure out what the hell to say about this", and I too take them out before sending along even the shittest drafts. :)

Good luck with Gadlet. Estrogen cream doesn't sound too bad, I hope it helps and all is well.

At 3:14 PM Mimi said...

Phew! I'm not the only one who writes those notes? Mine go something like "evidence goes here. Once I find it." Niiiiiiice.

Congrats on the schedule, and congrats on getting to what might be the root of Gadlet's difficulties!


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